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Taste Kamasutra Candy
Taste Kamasutra Candy

Sample some of our erotic candies. It won't give you cavities, but it may inspire fantasies.

Be sure to buy your favorite flavors, and remember this is merely a sample. To taste the full spectrum of our erotica, explore our Shop, as well as the links below.

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Kamasutra Candy is a sensual and playful take on erotica.

Our Process

Kamasutra Candy seeks to fill the gap, to raise the consciousness of the way we look at sex, and the way we get off.
Kamasutra Candy seeks to satisfy that insatiable carnal craving.

Our Approach

The artists and models behind the KC project believe that sex is sacred, that sex is spiritual, that sex is a beautiful thing - debatably more than most porn can depict. But porn can be beautiful, too. Erotic. Sensual. Animalistic. Kinky. Explorative. Sex is fun; sex is healing; sex is magic. Practiced safely with good intentions with consenting, equally minded adults, sex is nothing to be ashamed about in any way.

Our Goal

Providing erotic artistry with our own flair, the artists behind the KC project aspire to invoke sexual healing while simultaneously benefiting good causes, including homelessness prevention and aid, and more. The reality is that too many people are either homeless, or on the verge of homelessness. People who aren't in the top 1% continue to struggle to pay their bills every month, and put food on the table, and sometimes they can't afford to do both.

Our Mission

With our art, we hope to both add a more sensual perspective on sexual experiences that we feel is currently missing, while also giving back and doing something about the huge problem of homelessness and poverty in the United States of America. The truth is that sex sells, and we dare to believe we may be able to benefit humanity ever so much by offering our sensual perspective on sexual experiences. We are proud to help raise money to help feed people in need. We can't even feed most of our Vets here in America. We have to do something. This is our part.


Are you interested in shooting with us?
Do you want to be in one of our erotic videos?
Couples, single females, and single males are welcome to inquire about appearing in our videos. Yes you may wear a mask. ;)
We primarily shoot in LA - but we may be open to travel.
Anyone who wishes to shoot with us must be willing to provide a clean bill of health - being tested for all STDs and Covid 19 with documents being no more than two weeks old.
We will not bother to consider any inquiries if you are unable to provide proof that you are 100% STD-free and negative for Covid 19.
Contact Us Now
Or Email Us: [email protected]
We receive many messages and thank you for your patience in getting back to you as we are able.


We rock in front of and behind the camera.

  • Model Measurements

    • "Action", Hot Wife

      Age: 31
      Height: 5' 3"
      Weight: 112 lbs
      Bust: 32"
      Waist: 25"
      Hips: 34"
      Cup: C
      Dress: 0
      Shoe: 7

    • & "Lights", Stud Husband

      Age: 35
      Height: 5' 12"
      Weight: 142 lbs
      Neck: 15"
      Sleeve: 33"
      Chest: 36"
      Waist: 32"
      Inseam: 33"
      Shoe: 11

    Take Your Position
    book me for your adult parties
    Photography & Video

    We are an open-minded, avantgarde couple, and are happy to consider working on custom videos and your project ideas.

    If you want to use your camera setup, I might be available for your sloppy BJ PoV, or _______[insert fantasy private photo shoot or video here]_______.

    Alternatively, if you have a project but you just don’t have the camera equipment, my husband may consider shooting photo and video for your project.

    We are hard workers in every aspect of life, and are very selective with who we play with and who we work with, whether the camera is involved or not. If we decline your project, please respect our decision.



Step 1

Must present recent test results.

Step 2

Must present a valid government-issued I.D. that matches the name on the test results.

Step 3

Must be willing to provide location. We will consider providing location for select and special opportunities.

Step 4

Must sign a contract or release form.

Step 5

My husband is always on set for all shoots, no exceptions.

Step 6

I want a copy of the material if it’s going to be used for public use; and if for private use, I’d like a copy for my private collection as well.

Step 7

Models are required to sign a 2257 Model Release.



I am open to and will consider shoots, public and private, including:

Girl / girl, PoV boy / girl, boy / girl (vaginal), boy / girl (anal), interracial, MFF, MFM, double-penetration, facials, bukkake, blow-jobs, blow-bang, fetish, and more.

I will not judge you and will consider your idea no matter how mild or wild.

I reserve the right to be selective about the type of erotic work I will accept and with whom I choose to work with.

Challenge Accepted

Custom Rates

Contact us for rates regarding:

Commercial Use or Public Work
Private Collection Work
Eat Your Vitamins

Get Started

Private videos and photo shoots

Maybe it’s something you’ve wanted to do, to be filmed with a model or model(s) and keep it for just your own enjoyment.

Public videos and photo shoots (commercial use)

Or maybe you want to make a certain project for commercial use for adult conventions, websites, etc.

Email your project, your budget, your concept, and we will consider and get back to you at our soonest convenience.

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For Booking, Press, and any other inquiries, please contact:
[email protected]

Inquire about our $exting packages via Kik:
KamasutraCandy on Kik



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